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4 ways to attract top talent to your business!

Often, the job seeking employee will overlook smaller businesses because they feel that they cannot get the same benefits of a larger company such as big paychecks, stock options, and great benefits packages. Benefits advisers like Questco, can work with employer clients to create comprehensive benefit packages and a work culture that attracts talented employees at a reasonable cost.

1) Improve your benefits package without spending more

According to the NSBA (National Small Business Association) in 2014, 70% of small business employers offer health benefits. The report also showed that 67% of employers felt that offering health benefits was very important in recruiting and retaining top talent. Often job seeking employees and current employees are firm that benefits options make a large impact on their decision to take and stay at a job. Small companies need to offer competitive benefit options with various cost levels to their employees. Here at Questco we use our volume to buy benefits in bulk which gives us the ability to pass the savings on to our clients.

2) Make the right hiring decision

Top performing companies place a high value on the recruiting and interview process. Companies with long and strenuous interview processes report higher employee satisfaction ratings and lower turnover. When a candidate has to come to your business 3 or 4 times, you will be able to easily see how committed a candidate is to your company. Showing up on time to a location you are unfamiliar with to meet with a stranger is hard for many job seekers. If they can’t do that simple task then maybe they are not right for your company. Do they look professional and consistently arrive on time or early? Do they answer similar questions consistently? What kind of impression are they making on your current staff? Do they fit in? All these questions cannot possibly be answered thoroughly in one thirty or sixty minute interview. Anyone can make a good impression one time for an hour. It takes time to assess quality. Putting in that time in the beginning will save your time and money in the long run through training and retention. And/Or, you hire such great candidates that you rarely have to go externally any more. You can spend more time developing the staff you have and shift more internally to create a more efficient and fulfilling work environment.

3) Know the advantages of working for your business

Employees at small companies are often more satisfied with their jobs than employees in large size companies. This gives individual employers a slight edge over large competitors. Employers should make a list of benefits they offer other than insurance like more opportunities for experience and growth, family atmosphere, and a lean structure. Fewer layers of management makes decision times much quicker so the company can adapt and change processes more quickly. A lean structure also means that the employees are closer to the business and customer so they can gain invaluable firsthand experience.

4) Make leadership opportunities

Top performing employees need growth opportunities. Not everyone will want to be a manager or climb the corporate ladder, however a company can offer opportunities and incentives to grow in the organization for those that wish to. This keeps your employees wanting to grow with your company in your company rather than going elsewhere for advancement. Consider offering a management training program or flexible scheduling to allow for continuing education. Offering your employees these opportunities as they come is an easy way to retain your best workers.

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