Here at Questco we make it easy by providing benefits and administrative services for all your employeesPreventing The "Engagement Chasm" With Employee Benefits

An “engagement chasm” is adding to the low adoption and participation rates employers face when developing their health and wellness programs, with even electronic or online tools doing little to keep employees motivated in health, fitness, and dietary programs. 
However, there are incentives for employees and employers to continue the wellness battle, and succeed. With wellness engagement, the issue isn’t what it’s how. 

A recent Gallup poll suggests that only 26% of those surveyed participated in wellness programs. The majority of that segment (68%) said the wellness programs they used were sponsored by their employers.
Using data gathered from Parks Associates there is no one-size-fits-all solution for engaging employees. While they have been considered a critical element for building engagement, consumer use of various online tools to help encourage and maintain additional activity in wellness remained at low levels over the past 12 months:

• 27% used a health care or insurance provider’s Web site.
• 25% used an app.
• 22% used a device to track health.
• 13% participated in an online support group.

Now the question is how to get across that chasm to find better adoption rates. Consumers want it easier, more personal, and meaningful.

For employers, wellness programs can provide a positive impact on the bottom line. According to a RAND study, wellness programs were able to reduce costs, on average, by $30 per member, per month.

And while lifestyle programs provided minimal health improvements, the real savings could be seen in disease management efforts. Specifically, 87% of savings were attributed to disease management wellness programs.

Here at Questco we make it easy by providing benefits and administrative services for all your employees. We make it affordable for companies of any size to provide these benefits to their employees so you can keep your workers more healthy and productive. We help you instill that culture of wellness by providing convenient and accessible programs.