6 Office Policies That Drive Your Staff Crazy!


6 Office Policies That Drive Your Staff Crazy

Trust is a key component to building a better workplace culture. Yet HR policies can sometimes be redundant, outdated and may even cause distrust between employees and company leaders. Have you taken a look at your employee handbook lately?

Restricting internet usage

Yes, there are sites that shouldn't be allowed at work, but Facebook and Twitter aren't among those. Many people use these site for candidate sourcing, marketing, and research. Employees should also be allowed to check these sites during their breaks as well. There are some companies who regulate internet usage so heavily it makes it difficult to do online research. Social media is also a great place for employees to post engage with their companies profile and other employees. This can be a great way to announce new company initiatives or products that your employees can like and share which helps grow the business.

Ridiculous attendance policies

Salaried employees are paid for the work they do, not necessarily the hours they put in. Dinging employees for being 5 minutes late when they often stay late and work weekends sends a message that policies are more important than performance.

Severe email policies

When employees have to select from a list of pre-approved topics before they can send their email it makes it difficult for them to communicate with each other about work related issues. Company emails should be restricted from chain mail, spam, and selling of personal property.

Taking employees frequent flyer miles

When employees fly for the company you are taking them away from their home, family, and generally offsetting the work life balance. When you take away the frequent flyer miles that your employee earned with their time spent, you send a message that you do not appreciate the sacrifice they made and you will hold onto to every dollar you can at the expense of your employee.

Banning cell phones

Managers need to be trained to deal effectively with employees who underperform and/or don't meet expectations because they spend too much time on their phones. Banning cell phone usage all together demoralizes good employees who may need to check their phones periodically for family or health reasons or as an appropriate break from work.

No self-expression allowed

Employees should be allowed to keep personal photos and family photos on their desk with personal water bottles or coffee mugs that give them a sense of comfort and expression. Dictate the extreme things like a giant poster of an individual inappropriately dressed or displaying profanity. If using their own special pens and coffee mugs makes them happier and more efficient then make the right decision for your business.