Business New Year Resolutions in 2017

Meet Your Goals in 2017 with QuestcoA New Focus on Growth

Projections for 2017 are coming in, and the outlook is a good one. The stock market saw record highs in November and December, the U.S. Dollar is stronger than its ever been. Many business owners are optimistic. A recent Fortune magazine article predicted a 2% growth for the U.S. GDP and a increase in oil pricing to 69$ a barrel as early as June. For the small to medium business owner in Texas this could mean a chance to capitalize on innovative solutions and product/service applications to outmaneuver the competition.

A Change in The Hiring Pool and Methods to Attract Talent

With the job market in a steady recovery the largest influx of US “Generation Z” and Millenials will be hitting the market this year. However, they aren't motivated by the traditional job offerings that the Baby-Boomers were. They want aggressive benefit options and the ability to work remotely. That means many business owners will need to focus on changing how they track employees Nearly all (92%) of companies in a recent Forbes Magazine2 poll rate "organizational design" as their top priority in 2017. Small to medium business owners will need to upgrade their services in not only how they track their employees, but how they handle payroll and benefits to attract the brightest talent.

Keeping Employees Engaged

Keeping your employees engaged and involved in the company’s growth will mean leaders need to be focused on innovation and recognition. Too often, small to medium business owners are stretched in too many directions to actively take a roll in keeping employees fulfilled and not looking towards brighter horizons.

How Questco Can Help Keep Your New Year Resolutions in 2017

Questco is who leaders call when they need human captital expertise. We help you focus on your core business by eliminating non-productive tasks so you can focus on what counts: growth and retaining customers. We can make your company and “Employer Of Choice” by offering affordable fortune 500 level benefits so you can attract and retain talented employees and offer the latest technology to support your employees with direct deposit, cloud-based timekeeping, and award-winning HR services. It’s 2017 and we want to help you get to the forefront of this exciting time. Get your free consultation below!

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