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Be on the lookout for fake I-9 emails

Employers aren’t required to submit Forms I-9 to the USCIS, in fact; Questco is the custodian of I-9 documents and continues to maintain the compliance requirements for all its’ clients, so such a request should raise some red flags for Questco partners.

The request looks very authentic, however the emails come from a fraudulent email address:

Data Protection, Is your business at risk?

Every day, each of us puts information out into the universe via the internet, It may be on our computer, ipad, android phone, or ...dishwasher? All information is not equal, but a right to privacy is a right all of us have, and we rely on corporate America to protect those rights every day. Some firms take a nonchalant approach to their data and security, and if you are not dealing in sensitive information, that might be ok. But it’s not ok when your personal information is at stake..

Why Questco Is Different

To Serve.

Each and every day the “service” attitude of our Questco team impresses me. In the past three weeks our team came together, and through their grassroots effort, devoted their time to causes serving our community. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey....

Misclassifying an independent contractor can cost you big time!

Gone are the days when all of a company’s “employees” were, legally speaking, their employees. Independent
contractors, temps and other non-standard or alternative work arrangements now make up more than one-third
of the U.S. workforce.

Employee Benefits Simplified

Employee Benefits Simplified

Sorting through employee benefits is one of the most trying
and confusing aspects of owning a business. High deductible
plans vs. low deductible plans? Health Savings Accounts vs.
Flexible Spending Accounts? And what exactly is “Minimum
Essential Coverage?” Or wellness plans—do they actually work?

The service link: Using volunteerism to boost employee engagement

Riia O’Donnell - HR Dive

Why Questco Is Different

Human Capital Management: Why Questco is different

Running a business today is complex. That’s why an outsourced HR provider must go beyond just offering the basics like payroll and customer service, and provide partners with innovative strategies for building healthy, long-term businesses.

Motivating Employees Is Not About Carrots or Sticks

Lisa Lai - Harvard Business Review

What's Wrong With Workplace Culture

Andrew Mcilvaine - HRE Daily

Why Employee Recognition is Important

Rhucha Kulkarni - HR Technologist