To Serve.

To Serve

Each and every day the “service” attitude of our Questco team impresses me. In the past three weeks our team came together, and through their grassroots effort, devoted their time to causes serving our community. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, our team spent time at the Crisis Assistance Center in Montgomery County and the Montgomery County Food Bank. Both organizations have been critical to serving the needs of the community in Conroe and the surrounding areas during this time of need. In addition on Tuesday, September 19th, all of our team members contributed to our annual “Hero’s Lunch” (You can see some of the photos below) to support those that serve us, the first responders of Montgomery County.

All of these efforts would not be possible without the dedication and reliability of our employees to those important to our success. Each and every employee took initiative to serve those within the community and it cements their place as a staple of service. I am proud this service is intertwined so deeply with the service to Questco clients, as evidenced previously with their response to Hurricane Harvey.  

I envision our service to continue to multiple community projects and organizations, irrespective of natural disasters or one time events. I look forward to seeing our community, and business, continue to thrive under the ever changing conditions.

Tim Pratte
President and CEO
Questco Companies