two happy employees walking down a corridor talking
two happy employees walking down a corridor talking

Underestimating the impact of governmental regulations can be costly.

Underinvesting in safety programs can be catastrophic.

One of the most powerful aspects of an HR outsourcing relationship with Questco is our multifaceted approach to reducing risks in your business environment.

Our risk reduction practices support you in two ways:

  • Guidance on legally complainant HR Policies and practices
  • Employee handbook consultation and creation
  • HR best practices support and guidance
  • Resources to keep you current on HR-related federal and state laws
  • Improved peace of mind, with guidance from a seasoned team to help you respond to even the toughest employee relations and compliance issue
  • Empower employees to take an active role in their safety program
  • increase employee confidence to better promote safety
  • Deliver on-site loss control and safety consulting services
  • Provide safety training and education programs for managers and employees
  • Provide OSHA compliance assistance
  • Develop and support return-to-work programs
  • Improve communication to create safety awareness and strengthen relationships between employees and management
  • Provide real-time safety analytics and business intelligence required to potentially prevent accidents from occurring
  • Act as an extension of management to reach employees with more effective safety knowledge and resources
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