For thirty years, our team of experienced Risk Management experts have provided the tools and programs to lower our clients’ workers’ compensation expenses and create safer workplaces.

Our services include:

We can reduce your costs by offering you access to our large group policy or by working with a wide selection of trusted insurance partners.

We manage relations with injured employees and implement a return-to-work program that increases employee morale and reduces the cost of workers’ comp claims. Our team will handle your claim from the time we are notified through final resolution.

Questco solutions may eliminate the need for an up-front deposit, with workers’ compensation premium instead on a ‘pay as you go’ system.

We provide safety manuals and employee handbook language that are tailored to your company’s safety needs. In addition, we can provide additional safety training modules with online and in person options.

Our experts will examine your in place safety program, we evaluate the content, and work with you to customize your program to your workplace exposure.

We conduct on-site safety surveys intended to reduce work related injuries. Our experts are available to assist with OSHA compliance, conduct hazard assessments and review accident/injury situations to analyze trends and opportunities for prevention.

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