How our HR Technology assists with the life cycle of an employee

Benefits Associated with our HR Technology

Easily access information and complete tasks regarding payroll, demographics, and taxes.

Through our single sign on platform it allows all of your information to be housed in one location, ultimately giving you and your employees back the time that you need to work on additional tasks.

Control access to your sensitive data to ensure each member of your team sees only what they need to.

The Questco HR Software also provides powerful security, controlling access to specific fields, menus and data, so individuals only see what they need, when they need to. We can set up roles or access for specific roles or even individuals to ensure your team has the right access and insight they need.

Up your manager’s time with easy to use reporting features, view data on their employees, access reports, complete tasks, and even process payroll. Empower your leaders with knowledge and insight. Robust, powerful reporting helps you analyze understand and act on data to run your business better.

Utilizing our technology helps to easily manage the life cycle of an employee from employee onboarding to termination. remove the paperwork associated with onboarding a new employee, benefits enrollment, and utilize our system to keep the employee on track so that you can focus on expanding your workforce and growing your business.

Eliminate the day to day employee management with our software. Each of your employees will have access to their employee portal where they can easily access their employee information such as paystubs, W2s, Benefit enrollment, and 401k all in one place.

Employees get a mobile-friendly experience, allowing easy access to the information they need to view and make changes. Always efficient and reliable, Questco HR Software saves you and your manager more time and gives you both more flexibility and accuracy than alternatives.

Questco’s HR Software combined with our expert guidance gives you the power to understand your payroll, human resources, and employee benefits better than ever.

Perform tasks quickly and easily, and PRO requests, and payroll analysis, and build custom reports that will need to help you run your business.

Want to see a preview of our technology capabilities?

Check out these short videos:

By switching to Questco HR Software your employees can use the self-service website portal; optimized for smartphones, tablets and of course, desktops and laptops, to view HR data, get paystubs and more. It can even display in Spanish.

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